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First of all, welcome to my site and warm greetings to you! My name is Daniel Moreno and I'm in charge of credit card payment processing in a large US based online shop. If you came to this site you are very well aware of the difficulties like getting the credit card issuing country, knowing how to distinct between credit and debit cards, consumer and commercial, reloadable and non-reloadable, filtering out prepaid and gift cards. These tasks can be hardly accomplished without having a well structured, up to date BIN numbers database, or a BIN list.


Visa and MasterCard have started the BIN split process. That means that a traditional 6-digit BIN database is no longer enough. Before proceeding any further, refer to the documents from Visa and MasterCard:

Visa: Preparing for the Eight-Digit BIN (FAQ, PDF)
MasterCard: 8-Digit BIN Expansion Mandate and PCI DSS Impact (PDF)

I have dealt with a number of vendors and here are some of them. Almost all of them keep low profile. If you want to have their corporate data and client references, ask them. At least BinBase and FraudAssets sent me all I wanted to know, and even the registration documents. Not all providers are included; if I had exceptionally terrible experience I just got a refund and moved on.

BIN Database Providers Comparison Chart

Companies Features BIN Database BIN Database BIN Database
Account range processing / extended BIN numbers
Number of 6 digit records as of June 2021 368.000+ 355.000+ 480.000+
Number of 7-11 digit records as of April 2020 803.000+ 770.000+
Number of parameters 11-14 6-9 7
- Brand
- Issuing organization
- Card type (debit, credit, charge)
- Card category (classic, business, prepaid, etc.)
- Issuing country ISO name
- Issuing country ISO A2 code
- Issuing country ISO A3 code
- Issuing country ISO number
- Issuing organization website
- Issuing organization phone number
Card types/cat.
Debit vs. Credit
Consumer vs. Commercial
Regulated vs. Unregulated Debit BINs
Prepaid Reloadable
Company BIN Database BIN Database BIN Database
Pre-purchase information
Purchase agreement Download PDF Download PDF By request
Online BIN lookup tool Direct link Direct link Direct link
Data sheet Direct link By request By request
Sample database download (6 digit) Download Download Download
Sample database download (>6 digit) 7 digit sample
8 digit sample
9 digit sample
7-9 digit sample
Additional services
XML API View info
IP database
PC based BIN lookup software View info
Montly updates
Updates by email

HTTPS download

SFTP - your location or their location
Static link API endpoint

HTTPS download

SFTP by request

HTTPS download
Included with purchase 6 months or 2 years 1 year or 2 years 2 years
Price per year after initial contract expires $299/$499 $300/$450 $300
Update frequency per year 6 or 24 4 4
Ordering Licensing options Licensing options Licensing options
License type 1 $1199 (6 months of updates) $15000 (1 year of updates) $2400 (DB)
License type 2 $1899 (2 years of updates)   $3000 (DB+API)
License type 3 (extended BINs) $2999 (2 years of updates) $2900 (2 years of updates)
Online ordering
Direct wire transfer with invoice $1079 or $1899 or $2699(-10%)
Contact form Contact online Contact online Contact online
Contact email Email Email Email

What's common between the providers?

You receive a copy of the BIN database in CSV format

Database and updates are delivered by e-mail within some time (6-24 hrs) after purchase

Initial free updates period included (from 6 to 24 months)