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Daniel Moreno says Hi!


Hello, and welcome to my review site! My name is Daniel Moreno, born 1975, married and we have 2 kids. Lead programmer for respectable payment processing company. Past and current developments include writing Payment Service Provider software, from design

to processing millions of transactions a year. From this I have a strong interest in security and deep knowledge of payment services.

Everything I review I used personally for at least a year to fully evaluate the service quality. This means I have ordered all the products on behalf of my company and asked for additional discounts from providers which they gave me in exchange for an unbiased review.

The purpose of this site is to compare the BIN database providers because I haven't found any research on the web, and, to be honest, make some affiliate income. So I would be grateful if you will use my affiliate links instead of typing in the web addresses directly :-)

Feel free to drop me a mail: daniel.moreno.mail@gmail.com

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