Virtual Cards BIN numbers

There is no entirely secure measure for protecting financial information. Fortunately, virtual credit cards have been designed to prevent fraud in online transactions. A virtual card is not a card basically. Instead, it is a randomly generated number used by issuers to protect users' credit card information while purchasing online. Virtual card numbers are used to secure actual account details. In essence, they are an online version of legacy chip-enabled credit cards. When a user deploys a virtual card for transactions, the payment will contain unique information that will not be of interest to hackers. In this case, even if cybercriminals manage to access a virtual card number, that information might not be usable again.

A virtual card number can be tailored individually based on the number of times it can be used, the amount users can spend with it, the merchants who accept it, and the duration it should be used.

Types of Virtual Cards

A virtual card is a type of prepaid card generated online by an issuer. It can either be one-time use or multiple-use cards. A one-time use virtual card is a card number generated by a bank every time a customer wants to make a purchase. The card is useful since it protects card numbers from theft. A financial institution issues a one-time use virtual card on a similar BIN as a user's credit or debit card. A one-time use virtual card is effective for online sites where a user wants to make only a single purchase. However, a one-time use virtual card poses concerns for payment processors.

On the other hand, some issuers allow customers to keep a virtual card number for more than a single use, such as in settling recurring billing services. A multiple-use virtual card is more reliable for online busi

want the virtual card number to be valid. Visa and MasterCard, presumably the major credit card networks, offer their virtual card services called Visa Checkout and Masterpass respectively. Customers can then create accounts directly through the card networks and link them to their existing credit or debit cards.

Virtual cards can be used at participating merchants. They offer faster shopping since consumers are not required to enter their billing addresses and credit card numbers. Can HelpDetect Virtual Cards

It is imperative for businesses to detect when a customer uses a virtual card number. Unlike using regular credit or debit cards, virtual card services have a series of limitations that merchants should be aware of. For instance, getting a refund of returning purchased items could be a challenge with a merchant if a customer will have to confirm their credit card number later.

Automatic identification of a virtual card number by a merchant will help in making further decisions to enquire more details about the card, such as the card's expiration, allowed merchants, the number of times the card can be used, and the amount limit. offers a BIN database for credit card bin checker to help merchants detect virtual cards. For instance, to check if a card is a virtual number, merchants can check the 5th parameter in this record.


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